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Lemon n lime curd

Posted by Elainehall1 on August 30, 2012 at 3:50 PM
Hiya folks Tonight when I got home from work we decided to make some lemon n lime curd, it may scare you thinking you can't actually make anything like that, but trust me, it's dead easy! Just use fresh ingredients and it gives you a really sharp and tangy flavour. 3 lemons, 4 limes, 120gms of butter, 450gms of caster sugar and 4 fresh eggs, Put the butter and sugar in a large pan, zest all the lemons n limes and juice them, add those to the pan and place on medium heat. Whilst all that is heating break the eggs into a large jug and beat them, you'll find out why it needs to be a large jug. When all the butter and sugar has melted add this mixture to the eggs at a slow even pace whilst whisking it at the same time (get help), when it's all mixed together place the whole mixture back in the pan. Bring it up to a steady bubbling mass stiring it while it's heating, when it starts to bubble (almost boiling) cook it for 4minutes until it thickens. Then all you do is place it in washed, warmed jars, if you put the lids on whilst it's still hot it will vacuum seal the jars so they'll pop like shop bought jars when you first open them. Store the jars in the fridge and eat within 3 months. Hope you enjoy making it as much as we do, it's an ideal Christmas present and it tastes awesome, my mum loves it and she wants one of the jars we've made tonight. Enjoy, Trevor

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