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Hairy Biker's Diet

Posted by Elainehall1 on August 23, 2012 at 3:55 AM

We've been on this diet a week now (don't worry... I'm not dieting, just enjoying the food and topping up with extra calories) and so far so good; the man himself has lost 1/2 stone (he put very little on whilst we were away, I hasten to add). We aren't sticking to the diet totally, but it's made us look carefully at food calorie contents, soooo it's dead easy.

As ever with Hairy Biker recipes, there are a lot of ingredients; although they tend to be the same (onions, carrots, celery), it takes forever to chop, but once done the recipes are easy and have lots of flavour. I've not liked anything I've tried (wasn't sure you could call the lasagne lasgne without the pasta), but obviously there are recipes I like better than others. I would recommend the cottage pie. It's a simple recipe, but uses leeks (another staple ingredient) in the topping.

Right now, I'm making pies. YES, pies!!! And hopefully I'm going to make some buns later.

It's going to be tricky feeding Trevor whilst he's marshalling, but I'm hoping that as long as he's sensible he won't put weight on, even if he doesn't loose anything.


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